To posner: to do something boldly, fearlessly.
Posner: a brave one.
Stop being such a pussy, posner it!

She looked shy, but turns out she's a real posner.
by happyberserk December 21, 2013
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A long-winded, overly expansive and tangential economic analysis of an unrelated topic, leading to binding precedent.
G, I was finna buy those new rims until my wigga laid a posner on me.
by Judge Fedd September 22, 2008
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When a bowl of marijuana has a few remaining hits before being kicked. Weed connoisseurs will empty the bowl rather than continue to smoke ashy weed. Average or younger pot smokers will typically continue to smoke a bowl that is posnered until it is completely kicked.
I was really drunk and smoked it till it was kicked. I usually repack it once it's posnered.
by Wabam20 January 26, 2013
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Taking a big, fat, hairy penis up the nose. A Posner typically happens when the person on the receiving end of the penis is tired of having their face jizzed on, and would rather have their face jizzed in.
Damn, she asked for a Posner since her jaw was tired and her face was covered.
by Lolpwnsauze July 28, 2010
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A musical artist who believes that many of his love interests are "cooler than" him, mostly because "they wear designer shades, just to hide" their face.

He also uses hardcore techno-esque beats to break up his songs.
Guy 1: I'm just like Mike Posner.

Guy 2: Is your girlfriend ignoring you whilst wearing sunglasses again?
by 4evr Yng July 18, 2010
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Best music artist to walk this planet called Earth. His beats are so fresh they wipe the charts. He originates from Michigan but for some reason choose to go to Duke, which is cool cuz we still love him. You should check him out, free on iTunes!
Dude did you hear Mike Posner's new mix tape yet?

Well get on that shit, you won't regret it.
by bratschiversace November 11, 2009
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To take something that isn't yours and make it your own.
I came up with that already, you can't just mike-posner it
by bbllmaniac August 31, 2010
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