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Possibly one of the most amazing and underrated emocore bands from Ridgewood NJ(Better Recognize). See these guys live. Their lyrics are amazing and the instrumental aspect is insane.
Senses Fail is one of the greatest bands out there!
by BrandNizzle311 March 18, 2004
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An incredible band that people tend to insult or overlook due to the emo genre of their music. Sure, the lyrics are depressing and Buddy Nielson's vocals do tend to whine, but that doesn't make this band any less amazing. Their songs are filled with spiraling dual guitar riffs backed by solid bass lines and powerful drum beats that don't go unnoticed. Whether Buddy is singing a beautiful ballad, screaming his lungs out or just whining like a bitch, the end result is always terrific. With each new album, the band seems to progress in many ways. With Still Searching, the band ended their psychotic murderous phase, and with Life is not a Waiting Room they added a few sprinkles of optimism and offered some insightful words of wisdom, such as "the past can't be your passion." Who knows, maybe a happy album is in the works?
Senses Fail > You
by MrFlopz August 01, 2009
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A fucking awesome band that so far, and so very good, haven't blown up into big headed bimbos. Looks like we could go for a long run with these guys!! Gotta love em!!
A flipping amazing band in concert!!!
by Alex Rat March 28, 2005
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the band that combines my love of rock and my love of punk and lets that little bit of emo out of its cage
wow senses fail is great
by deadsmurf2 July 23, 2004
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a good emo/screemo band from the east coast. I saw they play in europe and they kicked ass. Seriously underrated, listen to them instead of Simple plan.
by davide November 23, 2004
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Senses Fail are awesome!! They are the best screamo band out there. The lyrics are depressing and a bit stupid about killing etc, so you could call them emo but the actual music isn't pop-punk its is kool as!! Senses Fail (btw if you like senses fail check out behind crimson eyes the awesome screamo aussie band)
Awesome senses fail songs:
Free falling without a parachute, the irony of dying on your birthday, one eight seven, cute when you scream, dreaming a reality...
by *_MiLLiE_* December 10, 2005
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