Someone whos acts like someone theyre not,but not realizing that there being fake, basically a loser trying to fit in.
A poser green day fan,this applies to other poser bands--
Todd:have you heard american idiot?Thats the bestest song ever!
Bill:Have u even heard any other green day songs?
Todd:what other green day songs?
by hi February 14, 2005
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A poser is a girl/guy who listens to a certain type of music or dresses a certain way to impress people or to fit into a certain crowd. often times people get mixed up with those who are posers and those who are not. If you go out buy a sk8r-boi sweatshirt and a skate board and go out on the town and ride around and some one shouts out " fucking poser" are you one ? NO! Come on people..you went out and bought the skateboard so you could...erm GET BETTER! Seriously how are you ever going to become a skateboarder if you dont practice and get better? *cough exactly* now in a different situation. Lets say you go out buy a skateboard...by the way you dont even know the brand of the board and you go out with your friends and just sit there while they do there little skateboarding tricks ... so basically you are just there to look cool..then are you a poser. Yah? yes!
stephen22: Hey i bought the board
sk84life: oh awesome...wut is it?
stephen22: um i donno man ...its blue and white...ermmm....ya
sk84life: man get it together... all the guys are talkin bout u now.
stephen22: wut? why?
sk84life: man they r sayin that u are a poser...
stephen22: well...i'm not?
sk84life: when u dont know wut your own board is then we have a problem
....Dead Silence....
by Alyssa June 22, 2004
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Virtually every kid in my school. They're almost all middle class, suburban white kids, who wear there pants to their ankles, and say they're "gangsta". 1, maybe 2 kids have any ties to gang activity. You ain't a gangsta, so pull your pants up!
poser gangsta: Wassup White boy?

Me:You're just as caucasian as me

him: ...
by A regular kid November 28, 2006
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Alright, where shall I start? Hmm.. A poser is someone who tries to fit in with a certain crowds, or masks who they really are to fit in.
You shouldn't have to do this to be accepted.
I mean, don't say you skateboard when one, you have no idea how to in the first place, and two, you could get yourself into a conversation about skateboarding where you don't know what the hell you're even talking about.
I mean, why should it matter what crowd you fit into?
If you're naturally a scene kid, go ahead, keep on being scene. We like it.
If you're naturally a prep, be a prep. Who gives a flying leap?
If you're a prep, and you like a scene kid and you feel you have to change yourself so that they'll notice you, don't. They won't like it, and you won't like it. Besides, who knows? They may just like you for the way you are.

Ohh, and just because someone listens to Good Charlotte, doesn't mean that they're a poser. They just like them.

If a situation arises where you hear that someone likes Good Charlotte, talk to them. See if they like any other bands. Who knows? They could like A Cursive Memory or The Dreseden Dolls just as much.
..BUT, if they say, "Ohh yeah, Good Charlotte is like, so punk.", you have my permission to kick the shit out of them.

Good Charlotte is not punk, mmkay pumpkins?
but just because some people like them doesn't mean they're posers.
by Amberr July 10, 2006
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A poser is a generally slanderous insult with no truthful backing. It is often used among teenagers depending on what someone wears.

However, the literal definition is someone who attempts to 'pose' or not be their actual self, to fit in among others.
"Dude, John came in wearing an Adio jacket and skater shoes today."
"Are you serious? He doesn't even skate. Man, what a poser."

Truthfully, this by no means suggests that John was actually attempting to pose as a skater. He just bought the clothes he wanted.
by A.A.Z. September 25, 2006
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One who attempts to appear to others as something they are not, especially by their manner of dress; a charlatan.

also 'poseur'
Take off that gold chain Julio, you're such a fucking poser!
by Tracey December 28, 2003
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One who pretends to be a celebrity or other famous person on Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, or any other social networking site.

They get most of their information from Google, IMDB, interviews, and Popstar Magazine.

One of the lines some posers use is: "I don't care if you think I am a poser. Don't add me...it's ur loss."
Caitlin: OMG! I just found Taylor Lautner's Myspace page! He commented on my default pic!

Ashley: That's not Taylor! That's probably some middle-school girl posing as Taylor!

Caitlin: I need more proof. This isn't just another poser, because how would someone who's not Taylor know that much stuff about himself?

Ashley: Popstar Mag my friend. That and IMDB.
by Jessisaywhat? June 24, 2009
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