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The act of tipping over a port-o-potty. It can be tipped on either of its four sides. It only requires one person to tip, but for better effects after sploosh delay, it would require 2 people; one to tip it on it's door side (face), and the other to hold open the door while it's going down. After it is down, fireworks can be thrown inside for an added thrill. One must be careful not to step in the waste which is expelled from the port-o-potty after sploosh delay has occured. If the port-o-potty is behind a fence at a construction site, most of the time, those fences can easily be torn down to gain access. One must leave the area immediately after the port-o-potty is down, for it is quite loud, and if one is systematically tipping them in alleys, the cops tend to be called...
Hellraiser 1: Holy shit dude, that one we tipped had the biggest sploosh ever!!!

Hellraiser 2: Oh shit, there was someone in there!! Let's get the fuck outta here!!!
by TZR June 26, 2005
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