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A fat fucker.
An annoying asshole who always seems to be the places where you need him least.
What the hell is this porkfuck doing here?
by Forseti April 19, 2006
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1) An individual who loves to ''pull your pork''. (Aka Someone who gets on your nerves)
2) A rather large individual who overrides anyone else's opinions.
3) A sex-crazed gay man.
For instance :

1) Tell this porkfuck to go to another club then!

2) Is this porkfuck serious right now? No, you hold on a second....

3) He's a such a porkfuck. I saw him go into a washroom stall. There were 6 legs.
by thextinathegina January 08, 2011
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A person who is generally a dickhead, but a more extreme insult.
Especially effective if they're fat.
Duuuuuude, Jake Gylenhall is SUCH a pork fuck!
by T-Phalange March 26, 2011
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