A lazy black man, who sits on his porch drinking and trading his food stamps for crack.
Damn porch monkeys, cant they just get a job!
by Luvs2Spooge January 12, 2008
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in the past, porch monkey has a term used when referencing someone of african american decent...on July 21, 2006 Randle Graves altered the meaning of porch monkey for the better...he reclaimed the term and changed its meaning to not be a racial slur against african americans but a mere term to discribe any lazy person...black or white
Yesterday, my cousin sat on the couch and watched tv all day long, he can be such a porch monkey sometimes
by John Robison July 22, 2006
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Term of endearment used to describe lazy people in general. No racial implications are intended or implied what so ever. We're taking it back.
Stephen is the biggest porch monkey ever. He sits around and plays WOW all day.
by theko July 27, 2006
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Describes that unprecedented situation, where a monkey's actually placed on a porch, seemingly enjoying itself.
Retard: "Hey John, there's a monkey on that porch."

John: "Yes, that's a porch monkey"
by ILoatheMySelf June 25, 2009
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Racist term from the old South. While entertaining in the summer, after dinner the good White folk would retreat to their respective spaces (women to the parlour or drawing room, men to the porch) for after dinner drinks. The men, desiring to prop their feet up while relaxing, would have the small slave children get on their hands and knees so that the master and his guests could use them as footstools. Hence the term "porch monkey".
"Delilah, go and fetch those little porch monkeys so that my company can rest their feet a spell".
by it'llbalright March 07, 2009
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