The best fucking day ever! Only people of high excellence are born on the this day
Fetus#1 Wow holy shit dude you were born on July 21

Fetus#2 yeah dude

Fetus#1 wow that must mean that your excellence is higher then how high I am right now

Fetus#2 hell yeah i have the power of god and Minecraft on my side ahhhhhhhh!
by ClareTheFuckingSquare October 22, 2019
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Best day ever and if you were born on this day you are Thanos.
Person1:You born on July 21?
Person2:Yeah and I can snap you out of existence!
by Mr.Thanos November 4, 2019
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Whoever is born on July 21 Is the sexiest fucker
Person one: she is a hot fucker
Person two: her birthday must be July 21
by ASSLICKER69420 October 14, 2019
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Only true legends are born on July 21.

If you were born that day, congrats you got the fattest ass in town and your taste in music is elite.
-„You can’t get in the club if you forgot your ID“

-„My birthday is on July 21“

-„Shit my fault, you’re getting into the VIP area for free“
by daddylongcalves July 20, 2020
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National Peng Day
All people born on July 21st are obviously the pengest
Man 1:Ooo she’s penggg init
Man 2:Shes definatley bone on July 21
by princesskatiexox October 17, 2019
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Whoever is born on this day is the best. They are probably the most popular in the school. They are very athletic, but they love food. They usually have brown hair, and brown eyes. But overall everyone loves them!!!
Sally - “She was born on July 21!”
Susan - “OMG I love her then!!!”
by Hahahhxvxvzbabahansb December 13, 2019
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