A dance style that hails from California from which the originators are many, which is not to be confused with or to be related to boog aka boogaloo who's originator was Boogaloo Sam aka Sam Solomon, boogaloo is not popping as a whole. There are many different styles of popping that have many different originators most of which resided in Cali when the popping movement first took off in the U.S. making it also harder to distinguish when popping actually started to become popping.

Those cats back in the day sure knew how to get down popping and locking the way they do.
by BadboyFLIP July 19, 2006
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adjective (pop, popped, pops)
1: {Referring to event or incident} full of life/ taking place in a spirited manner

Syn: Going Down, Happening, booming

verb {with obj}
1: fire (a gun) at somebody

Syn: Gun Down, Fire

2: about to occur/ occurring

Syn: transpire
1. That party was popping!

1: ...this resulted in Lucy popping a cap in Jack's ass...
2: He arrived at the club just as the brawl started popping off...
by Kgosi113 July 24, 2017
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Facebook Chatting, named after the "popping" noise it makes when you receive an instant message.
So, I was popping this girl the other day and she totally asked for my number, then my Facebook froze.
by LRose89 January 29, 2010
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movement of your ass and back at a sharp pace...to make a pop effect
damn! shes popping hard on those guys! they are probably hard by now!
by Feeks October 26, 2003
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