A trend started by Michael Jackson in which the collar on a polo shirt, for instance, is unfolded and kept straight, facing upward. This has continued to be a trend for preps, as well as "rich ghetto people."
"Save a collar, pop a balloon." ~ME
Pop the collar, make em holler
by Half Asian Persuasion November 20, 2005
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Some faggoty thing that preps do 2 be "cool"
some guys say,"pop ur collar and make the ladies hollar"
and i say,
"FUCK THAT SHIT!!!" to make my point clear, popping ur collar is the gayest thing anyone has ever done.
i mean, i saw this dude at wegman's the other day; he had his hair spiked up throughout his entire head, and his collar popped. ther's nothing wrong w/ spinking ur hair like that, but add it to a popped collar and look like fucking SATAN. ya, that's right, this dude looked like the devil.
no more popping ur collar, k?
P.S.im an atheist
6 year old boy: look mommy, its the devil!
Mom: no, honey, thats just a dude who popped his collar

dont' be a prep and dont pop the collar
by bob June 16, 2006
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defined in moving images.. www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNgzKlKPhJY
If you you're walking down the street and you're approaching an attractive group of ladies, pop the collar, and you're in there.
by Adam Morris December 13, 2007
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