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when something smells bad and it is held up to your nose
Jamie was alarmed by the smell of the grapes that were put in her face to smell and she said this is poosha.
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1. Another form of psh
Or a common word said by a Naked Mole Rat from the show Kim Possible
by AyodatLib December 13, 2006
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POO- shAH! Not sure if the spelling, but Is a cajun exclamation that means ‘that can’t be possible’ or calling bullshit on something. I like to think it means ‘poor dear’ or potentially po - cher. Can’t believe you would really believe that...definitely can’t believe you would think I would buy it!
Your friend: Green snakes turn blue when they die.
You: Poosha! Ter ain’ no way!
by Klewie March 15, 2019
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