The sound manifested by late night shits combined with farts and toilet bowl acoustics.
Man, last night, I crept into the bathroom to take a dump. I ripped a nice juicy one into the bowl. Oh man, the sound. Woke the whole neighborhood up. It was some SERIOUS brown thunder
by Datheus March 14, 2003
The look when a ridiculously handsome brown man gives making a female wet her pants instantaneously.
Young Lizzy threw herself at me after she witnessed the brown thunder.
by brownthunderher2 April 14, 2009
1. One of the best rappers alive. He has several other aliases, but most know him as this. He is known for changing the rap industry and is usually found roaming the halls of Kell High School. After he got out of prison, he then decided to spread the word of what he learned. His raps come from the soul of the thunder. Many people hate on him, but it stems from their deep seeded jealousy, that a brown person is rapping better than all the black people at the school, so they resolve this problem by talking behind his back. Why not confront them you might ask? This is because they know that Brown Thunder is a lyrical genius, and if they tried to, they would get struck, metaphorically of course. This has happened on several occasions, when he decided to call out his haters. And they never messed with him again. He also has a big dick, just saying.
Guy 1: Hey man, have you heard of Brown Thunder?

Kid-who-cant-rap-but-acts-like-he-can: Ye trigga, he fake smh?

Guy 1: Fake? Have you heard the eruption? Hes a lyrical genius.

Kid: I like testicles.

Guy 1: Thats what i thought, haters gone hate, but when it comes down to it they just flexin.
by BrownThunderFan December 10, 2010
Farting as hard and loudly as you can in public. Often this results in a shart. The fart must reach at least 60 decibels of audio measurement.
Oh, baby! Yeah! Give me that Downtown Thunder Brown! *insert generic loud fart noise and squish effect*
by cchristopherson March 31, 2010