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adj. one that feels bad; a term to describe something that isn't very good. Commonly used sarcastically.
This St. Nick's Shastas is pretty poopish.

You work today? That's pretty poopish.
by Jodans February 05, 2008
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adjective; synonym to shitty, crappy, etc.

anything that happens and you don't like the outcome; anything like or resembling fecal matter
"your full house beat my flush! that's poopish."
by porkrind February 06, 2008
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You know the show Black-ish? And the show Grown -ish? Well I made a word call poopish. It means that something sucks or it just sucks
I failed my French test. That test was just Poopish.
by Iggy Callimary January 28, 2018
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