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Abet placed in poker when a player is letting the other players know that he will put his whole bank in to continue the game even though he may not be able to match with the other players have.
"I'm all in man, lets go, my royal will kill you.Ha Ha!"
by lonestar June 25, 2004
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When doing a girl in the ass, you jizz, and she later has to take a mad crap and your jizz comes out with it.
Guy: Hey baby that was some mad ass sex we just had.
Girl: Yeah it was, but now im going to have jizzamapoo
by lonestar May 27, 2004
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A term used to refer to someones mouth. Usually in a rude manner
Shut yer pork trap before I kick you in the puss
by lonestar May 27, 2004
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A nothern term used to describe an asshole
Yeah man melinda let me hit her wrinkeled penny last night
by lonestar September 29, 2004
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The term used to describe Matthew L.
Chick 1: Damn hes supafly
Chick 2: Who is that?
Chick 1: That's Matthew!
Chick 2: Your right he is SUPAFLY!!!
by lonestar June 7, 2004
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Man I gave it to (insert whores name here) french style last night.
by lonestar June 7, 2004
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A self-gratification move where you sit on your hand till it falls asleep and the proced to masturbate. This gives the illusion that someone else is doing it or that an invisible hand is doing it.
DUDE!!!! last night i gave myself the invisible hand....it was sooooo awesome.
by lonestar June 7, 2004
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