A very bad smelling vagina.
Some say it has a fish smell.
"Damn, yo shit is poona, U need to wash that stuff!"
by shoVel July 26, 2003
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Expression of wow! whoa! oh really!

Used when showing excitement.

this slang term is commonly used by many asians crossing over to the rest of the diversity of cultures we are surrounded with.
POONA! Look at you being a big ole pro!

Yo, I just smashed this girl and her best friend at the same time! POONA!

I just walked out on my job and said forget you! POONA!
by THEEBEAST October 14, 2014
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Poona is a group of people who are ambitious to start their careers. They are all hard-working pop idols, consisting of ballads, rappers, dancers, and visuals. They are strictly POC only. POONA had been running since late 2021, they are all young stars. Their fandom is called pun puns. Our official ballad aka Dora the dick-explorer has been recognized by a prestigious professor from the most high-end tech-savvy gay bitchass college. Self-made group.
I broke my leg
Maybe if you stanned poona
by stan poona for art skills November 16, 2021
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A filthy middle-eastern or Indian person. Derogatory term, not quite like n*g**r, yet up there with jungle bunny and niggasaurus.
"See that Filthy fuckin' poona flauntin' that rag."

"Hey Poona hit me up with another coffee and a donut."

"Fucking poona's killed my brother in Iran."

"Goddamn poona spit in my coffee."
by CoonChaser5000 December 13, 2007
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an edable object made of the female vagina that resembles a tuna sandwich
I'll take a poona fish sandwich on rye, hold the bread, hold the fish, and ill take extra poon.
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1. An agreement signed by B.R. Ambedkar and other prominent Dalit leaders that was designed to grant a separate electorate to Dalits (more offensively known as untouchables) when electing state legislative members in British India.

2. An agreement signed by two prominent douchebags, in which both agree not to engage in coitus with a woman of mutual interest or disinterest.
Brent: Yo candace is a babe.
Rex: For sure.
Brent: You tryna pipe dat hoe?
Rex: Hell yeah!
Brent: No way, bro! She's off limits! Remember? We signed a Poona Pact!
Rex: Not again, I hate these!
by lordofdbags6969 December 01, 2015
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