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a person usually with the last name vanderpool or in relation to a vanderpool.Living in the Towanda Pennsylvania region.Specifically South Towanda.Known To be "Konimires",rednecks ect. Have a reputation of walking mainstreet and hunting and fishing in their spare time.Often picked on in school for it and also are supposibly incest.Using phrases like "haaaaa i tell ya!!" and "goin fitin at da riva".Toothless and uneducated....No my def..Real,hard-working ppl who enjoy a good time respect their family and tend to stick to one side of town..the south side..poolies are great ppl!
Yeah, Ima pooly, wanna go bitch..ill show you how to do-si-do with my ak47!
by Reeves January 01, 2004
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"Everybody makin' them poolies
Old people be callin' 'em stoolies
Makin' them poolies
by Bob from Cork November 22, 2010
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When water tastes like it comes from a pool, such as city water that is unfiltered in a restaurant
It's obvious that this restaurant doesn't filter their water because it tastes pooly.
by ITAZ June 22, 2015
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Usually the brother of a gamer or someone who doesn't get outside much, someone who goes to the neighborhood pool every single day it's open just to say they get outside more than you.
Steve: Dude, my brother's such a pooly. Kid goes to the pool every single day just so he can say he's gotten out more than me.
Joe: Yeah, I hate those mother fuckers.
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by Randy Scrandy Scrub June 03, 2017
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