An internet phenomenon associated with the '/b/' random section of the 4chan imageboard. The users of this section anonymously logged onto Habbo Hotel, and using avatars of black people clothed in suits, along with a large afro, blockaded the Hotel's pool from entry while shouting 'Pools closed' to users trying to enter.

The phenomenon has since increased in popularity, and the GNAA and myg0t trolling communities have also started to participate in the blockades.
Habbo Hotel User: 'Let me in the pool, you!'
/b/ user: 'Pools closed!'
by Teqonix July 18, 2006
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The rallying cry of the brave /b/tards who protect habbos from AIDS-infested pools and protest against the racist mods and their quest to exterminate all nigra in the hotel.
Habbo: lol can i get in the bobbaing pool
by AnonymousIsWatching August 11, 2006
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The ultimate lulz. African American males with extremely large afros block the pedophilic doorways of habbo hotel, especially the pool.
47 year old male trying to get to the 13 year old male on the other side of the /b/ user: You dam troll let me in the pool!
/b/ user: Pools Closed
by ForTheLulzzz May 11, 2009
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A group of people at Otakon of 2006 wearing t-shirts with a black man with an afro on them saying "pools closed tour '06". Most of them dressed up as the habbo charectar and would yell "Pools closed! due to aids." if anyone asked them if the pool was indeed, still closed.
Jason: Hey, is the pool still closed?
Boy with afro: Pools closed!! Due to AIDS!!

"Hey have you seen the guys with the Pools closed tour '06 shirts?"
"Not yet but I want a picture of them."
by Adorably Dead September 21, 2006
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a term that is often associated with the infamous Habbo raids by the 4chan website. they closed the pools due to Aids and Stingrays (some times StingrAIDS) that the pools contained
"dude, the inspectors are back at Habbo"
"Ig The pool is closed"
by The great panzer of the lake August 29, 2018
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