It's like '' bitches '' but in a non-degrading way.
Seb: Can't abide by demanding flat-ass Poochies.
Luke: Poochies?
Seb: Can't say 'bitches no more. It's degrading.
by imactuallylonely January 31, 2016
When your pooch is just so gucci there poochi. Poochis are the best kind of dog to have. If you have even a little bit of swag and you have a pooch with swag that makes you the swagist person around. A poochi is a dog with a lot of swagger.
A Poochi is a dog with a lot of swagger.
by OKURNESSEABJ January 25, 2019
a nicer socially acceptable way to call someone a "bitch".
"Can't abide by demanding flat-ass poochies"


"Can't say 'bitches' no more. Its degrading"
by kayboogs June 12, 2014
An endearing term for a woman who is pretty or beautiful in personality and otherwise, usually between close friends, family, or couples.
by ThatGirrl January 13, 2013
a slang term used by men to call their women. Used as a "pet name" towards their girlfriends,wives,or just girls in general.
poochie get me the phone
poochie you are my one and only love!
by tyraaaaa October 20, 2009
Little pink cartoon dog that no one remembers but me
by Anonymous October 17, 2003