The residual shit stain that cannot be removed from one's underpants.
After several washes Dave's long poo stain remained apparent on his titey whiteys.
by Jeff February 13, 2004
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A person that no one likes and extremely resembles a stain left by a poop.
Maya is such a poo-stain!
by Salty potatoe May 16, 2019
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n. 1. the result when a woman chronically wipes back to front. 2. by extension a negative thing.
I can't believe my mother never taught me to wipe front to back, now i have a poo-stained vagina.

You got an F in Gym? well, thats a real poo-stained vagina.
by homoguytom October 17, 2012
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1. a general asshole that loves nothing more than to piss you off.
2. a guy/gal that totally reeks of shit, constantly.
1. "shut the fuck up yo upoo stain warrior"

2. "dude, you fucking stink! have you joined the poo stain warriors or what?"
by ducky3010 August 2, 2006
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a very very shitty dick. often required after fucking a chick in the ass.
After I was done fucking Marie in the asshole, i had a poo-stained man pole.
by NICKOHYEAH1111 November 9, 2007
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The type of guy you will see in public holding a woman's hand you admire. Woman will not only start a relationship with these men, but have their children as well. These baggy pants thugs will past their poo poo genes to the next generation where the emotionally abused nice guy must take care of.

This phenomenon on why women choose to be with drama inducing poo poo thugs is why there's an increase of single mothers.
I went to the mall on the weekend and saw a young pregnant women holding hands with a baggy pants poo poo stained drawers thug.

Mary's father had a look of utter failure on his face as his daughter brought home a baggy pants poo poo stained drawers thug.
by Reformed Poo Poo May 15, 2010
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