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Someone who is unexperienced at a event or game.
Shut up Obey your Such a Novice
Obey is a Novice
by Broken aka F!nk May 05, 2006
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O'Nell- oh look at that noob
Ej- wha?

O'Nell - oh srry, i mean that novice
by aznGhostfire February 24, 2011
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One who is inexperienced at something. Someone who performs an action relatively poorly due to inexperience, lack of skill, or insufficient training. Can be applied to people of any age, but most often used to describe someone young. If a young person performs an action with a relatively great amount skill despite their lack of experience or training, they are known as a prodigy.

The word "novice" is derived from the Latin word "novus", meaning "new" or "fresh".

Contemporary synonyms include newbie or newb, amateur, green, beginner, guppy, and fresh meat. The words noob, n00b, or nub are sometimes used to describe people with little experience in something, though these words more accurately describe someone who remains incompetent despite large amounts of experience and training.
George was a novice sculptor, so his first attempts at creating a masterpiece were met with failure.

Though he was a novice in this game, he was eager to learn the ins and outs of the in-game economy from more experienced players.

Sally's poor marksmanship was understandable, because she was a novice and had never fired a gun before.
by The Human Encyclopedia Vol. 5 December 27, 2012
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In rowing, someone who just joined crew and is still rowing in their first season. Inexperienced. Can be seen stuggling to carry boats and oars and crashing into the shore.
The novices dropped the boat on the dock, destroying it utterly.
The novice girls talked trash about her in the locker room, they need to learn respect for varsity rowers.
The novice men crashed into that floating log, their coxin was too busy looking at a duck and bragging about how he looks like a sophmore not a freshman to notice anything else.
by Ulmo October 04, 2008
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Someone who has visited a knocking shop just the once but who would be expected to return shortly.

Paul has lost his maiden tag, but he's still a novice until he goes down the brass house for second helpings.
by The Novice May 03, 2006
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