ella, ella, eh, eh, eh
"Do you have an umbrella?"
by boogawoof July 10, 2019
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It's like a big hat, only it's not a hat...its an umbrella
One can stand under an umbrella to avoid being rained on.
by chillipowder July 22, 2008
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A form of pleasuring a female, where one inserts their entire forearm into a woman's vaginal passage, and expands their hand fully when inside, resembling an umbrella.
"Yo Pete, how'd things go with Carolyn last night?

"Pretty good bro, she was diggin everything until I gave her an umbrella."
by Ryan_Leaf May 27, 2012
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A device used to keep us humans dry when its raining, there are also Umbrella Hats.

Joe: "Fuck its raining!"

Tom: "Here take my Umbrella, I've got plenty!"

Joe: "Alright....thanks"
by diseased sheep July 13, 2006
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Rihanna: You can stand under my umbrella -ella -ella -ehh -ehh -ehh

Emo Kid: Woah! Such a deep hidden message.
by PostPwned June 3, 2007
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(noun) - collapsable canopy that protects from the weather
Mike and Fran playing hangman:

Fran's stuck on an eight letter word, Mike starts offering hints: "It's got a crooked handle...before you use it you have to stretch it first...and it's something we can share."

Fran eons later: "That sounds so wrong...ohh..I've got it- umbrella"
by veritasaequitas November 2, 2010
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What you do after snorting a line. Involves pulling up the side of your nose flap that you snorted the line through and sniffing real hard to get everything you just snorted in your system better.
"just sniffed a tab."
"Don't forget the umbrella."
"Oh yeah i forgot."
by pill pro May 17, 2010
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