1.to think about something important

2.to get out of an awkward conversation
1.I ponder if wonder means the same thing as ponder.

2.I gotta go ponder about this for a bit...um...SEEYA!
by THE Crazy Lunatic November 01, 2005
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Ponderous thoughts to be ponderously pondered. Basically, if there is an adverb, adjective, and verb of ponder, then it stands to reason that there ought to be a noun as well.
Kevin often played the guitar to keep his mind from unpleasent ponderances.
by Kevin Gerrit Roelofs April 18, 2004
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The king of pot-heads.

A man that stays high in any circumstance and cruises through life effortlessly.
Balthazaar- " Man I can smoke more than anyone. I can smoke ten blunts in a day!"

Keeshawn- "Hell naw playa, I know a dude that gots you beat. He can smoke an ounce an hour... That dude is the real Ponder."
by THEponder March 12, 2010
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Basically, a word used to describe a walk, not to any specific place. Normally through a crowded room or city centre, at lunch. The aim of a ponder; to take in the general banter of the surrounding people and to laugh at people when they do funny stuff, when they think no one is watching.
Lauren: Hey, lets go for a ponder.
Kym: yeah, sure.

Nicola: where were you at Lunch today?
Kym: We went for a ponder. (smiles to herself (bound to happen whilst pondering))
Nicola:i completely understand.
by AnthonyHorowitz'zfan May 09, 2013
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adj/ state of being in which one ponders, as a result of confusion or otherwise befuddlement, for prolonged periods of time.
Those Brits laugh at our American ponderance about their magical kingdom of Middle Earth.
by Definitelynotshakespeare August 11, 2012
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