Pom: Prisoner Of Mother England, or alternatively, Prisoner Of her Majesty.

Suggestions that Pom comes from 'pomegranate' type references to sunburn are erroneous.

Used to refer to natives of England, or the United Kingdom more widely.

Sometimes used in a derogative manner; usually used as a term of endearment.
Australian 1- "Bloody hell cobber, looks like the poms have got the ashes for good now mate.'

Australian 2 - "Crikey! Too right, the poms are better than us at rugby as well!"

Australian 1 - "Strewth!"
by Wooster1 November 16, 2013
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look it up
urban dictionary: "piss on myself"
google: "Production and Operations Management Society"
or parents over my shoulder
by singasong September 27, 2009
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Hot girls (generally high schoolers) who have a shit ton of school spirit and are amazing dancers and use pom pons (poms) to make their half time dances even cooler. They also wear cute uniforms.

*poms have much more talent
GUY: "Look at those sexy poms shakin' it!"

OTHER GUY: "Yeah I'd like to see them without those uniforms on!"
by ooh ooh baby August 01, 2008
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What boring Aussie gits call their superior counterparts, the English.
The poms are gonna win the World Cup on Saturday
by Dan November 20, 2003
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Somewhat derogatory term used by Australians when referring to anyone from England.

Slang interpretation as Prisoners Of Mother England. Referring to the transportation to Australia from England of convicts considered the dregs of society.

Between 1788 and 1868, about 160,000 people were herded onto ships in Great Britain and 'transported' to Australia with the expectation that due to the 12,000 miles distance they would never return.
Are you a Yank, a Kiwi or a Pommie bastard?
by MrTwit May 11, 2007
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POMS is an acronym for "Piss on Myself." Similar to LOL, which is "Laugh out Loud," and ROTF, "rolling on the floor." POMS is a slightly more expressive version.
POMS!!! That joke was hilarious!
by turnerbrown August 28, 2004
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Dutch slang for cash. Derived from the Dutch word 'pomp' (which means 'pump') which is sometimes used as a metaphor for cash flow.
The word pom is commonly used by bums and trailer trash in the southern part of the Netherlands.
Guy 1: Hey bro, you got some pom on you?

Guy 2: Sorry dude, just spent it all on some kush.
by SpaceKing January 07, 2014
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