3 definitions by Matt_TY

A member of the majority political party or pro-war citizenry of the United States of America, Britain, or Australia.
"The imperialists are screwing up my country, dammit."
by Matt_TY December 12, 2003
The name by which American Football is referred to outside America.
by Matt_TY November 15, 2003
A British person - or close equivalent to the species. Specialise in inventing sports and timing themselves on how long it takes before all of their former colonies can defeat them at it. Spelt P-O-M: the "Prisoner of Her Majesty" explanation is an urban legend, as is "Prisoner of Mother England", the other version of this common myth.
"Poor sad Pom - he never really got over the Ashes"
by Matt_TY November 15, 2003