An indie band blending progressive rock with pop vocals and strange 80s guitars.
Polytechnic plays shows in Bartlett, IL.
by Biftek April 28, 2005
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A school with a lot of insects. Example, the Bumblebee . Talking about Bumblebees, we have one that came from ITE acting like a patient who escaped from IMH.
Welcome to Temasek Polytechnic.

You can suck my balls
by SixnineyourmomAss August 20, 2021
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cool school beside mrt with some students being high ego
hey i go to nanyang polytechnic im cool
by mobilelegends abang abang August 21, 2021
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A pejorative term for King's College London, generally used by students at its rival institution, University College London. The term manages to convey a sense of KCL's being mediocre in both academic and social terms: a polytechnic was, in the UK, a college offering mainly vocational degrees, widely considered to be inferior to the older universities, and with an attached social stigma. The Strand is the London street where 'Strand Poly' has its main campus (although it has spread to the South Bank and beyond.)
She applied to Cambridge, but they rejected her, so he ended up at Strand Polytechnic!

He got his philosophy degree at Strand Polytechnic, and now he's working at McDonalds.
by JuliaB May 10, 2007
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a term used to describe the increasingly technologically saturated world we live in.
Are you strong enough to survive the Republic Polytechnic?

The Kindle is one of the newest additions to the Republic Polytechnic.
by Googie Whithers June 15, 2009
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A school, situated in the West of Singapore. Regarded as the worst Polytechnic in Singapore
Have you ever been to Republic Polytechnic yet? I heard it was rated the worst Polytechnic in all of Singapore...
by E.R.G.D February 17, 2022
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Engineering school in Worcester MA. Although it's known for it's geeky reputation (wedge rats, foam swords, pocket protectors), there are plenty of normal people. Jocks, greeks, etc. WPI has some of the best frat parties around Worcester. Even though WPI students can integrate without blinking, they still know how to have a good time. And you know they will since they'll be making all those Benjamin's.
"You go to Worcester Polytechnic Institute? You're going to rich huh? Can I get your number?"
by WooTech December 5, 2007
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