Used in order to control what people say in public. This is a type of language used mostly by white liberals and other whiney bitches. Makes it where Christianity is offensive and wrong but Islam, Buddhism, and Judiasm are really cool. Another form of liberalism where certain opinions and things are upheld and defended while other opinions and things are condemned and banned. See also: hypocrite.
Forget being Politically correct. You know what I would really love to do? I want to with the ACLU a "Merry Christmas!"
by The Kentucky Yankee November 06, 2005
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A form of socially acceptable communication (in America) designed to send impotent messages sacrificing truth for the receiver's personal feelings subsequently hoping the sender's mind was read and the receiver understands the message without feeling attacked, offended, shamed, or embarrassed. Otherwise, if those things are felt by the receiver, the sender may very well have caused the receiver to consider honest self reflection and life changes. Or the receiver may kill the sender or himself.
Politically incorrect: Look, I know you paid your Doctor huge amounts of money to make your face look like Justin Beiber, but the truth is you look absolutely nothing like him and your face looks irreversibly 10 times worse that it originally did.

Politically Correct: Oh wow, you're lookin good! Watch out Justin!
by The DeDmann August 17, 2016
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Political correctness, works to anesthetize truth... balanced passion... and needful brashness so that such cannot be offensive to the sensitive challenged, thus words loose their potency in delivery and the sensitive challenged, the opportunity to mature. It is referred to Words and speech that are being used to disguise and not to illuminate. Orwell said, "The greater enemy of clear language is insincerity". Politeness has its place but Political Correct Language is induced to sculpt the thought process for a new societal behavior diabolically being prepared. Political Correctness is aimed at redefining the "offensive" and neutering it of its "offense" with the deceptive impetus of being sensitive to those that might otherwise be offended. Thus "illegal Alien" is now "undocumented Alien": no longer emphasizing the illegality of the Alien's presence but neutering the unlawfulness and crime-worthy status with the new label of being merely "undocumented". Engineered Political Correctness is simply Engineered generational brainwashing.
"Undocumented Alien" is the deceptive, Politically Correct new label of the Illegal Alien.
by Y'shurun September 12, 2015
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The use of various euphemisms when communincating with people that have a hard time dealing with reality. Generally associated with social superiority/inferiority when referring to gender, race, economical status, handicap, etc.

See also: political correctness
While running for president, the man was very politically correct, but after he was in office, he became very lude.
by Raziel Ja'Tier April 19, 2003
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Made to not offend people, but actually creates a greater gaps between people of different races, religions, etc. It's actually worse than being racist, because it's the context of what your saying, not what you actually are saying, that matters.
Being politically correct was probably thought up by the KKK.
by Fantastic Dan November 21, 2005
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1. The practice of avoiding words or phrases that are associated with stereotypes and unsupported assumptions about groups of people, or that inadvertently reinforce them. See sexism, racism. 2. A term used by conservatives who want to complain when people complain about their sexist, racist or otherwise bigoted remarks, often with the suggestion that the offended person has no right to express their own opinion. See: dog whistle, see: free speech is a two way street.
1. We prefer the term "Native American" instead of "Indian" because it is both historically accurate and shows respect their much longer presence in this country.

2. Female executives are fine, except they all need a really good executive assistant one week a month. If you don't think that's funny, you are just being "politically correct."
by Henry V September 17, 2015
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something that the socialist bacterium consistantly aim to be in a debate to try and cover up the fact that they simply have no valid points.

politically correct people are usually self-righteous suck-ups who have nothing else better to do than make sure everybody knows how 'caring' and 'thoughtful' they are by trying to be overly polite when it is simply unnecessary.
victim: 'WHAT THE FUCK this black man just stole my car!'

politically correct policeman: 'you're under arrest because of racism - you're supposed to say 'man of a different superior culture' not the b word'
by TheFascist August 25, 2007
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