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A number which is considered extremely unlucky in Chinese and Japanese culture. The pronunciation of the character for "death" sounds like that of the number four in both languages, making it a number rarely seen in hospitals (or pachinko halls).
In Japan, more people on average die on the fourth day of the month.
by Matticus November 21, 2003

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A bloated, circumlocutory and wholly American attempt at relieving the white man's burden; a struggle to find polite terminology for whichever group feels slighted that day and needs a hug. Tricks the unwitting into referring to Somalian nationals as "African-Americans."
How can you call them "black people"? That's not politically correct!
by Matticus November 13, 2003

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a fish formerly known as a jewfish. The jews got pissed so they changed it to goliath grouper
Randy, pay up, you goliath grouper
by Matticus June 23, 2005

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