An paramedic and emergency medical staff term informing that a patient is suffering/has suffered cardiac arrest, and needs urgent attention once they arrive at hospital.
(Ambulance ) 833 to dispatch, we are standing down. The male patient at Newcastle (Australia) is confirmed code 4 (deceased)after a code 2.
by brockhoward March 22, 2019
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Black person, nigger, porch monkey, back in the day when there was "seperate but equal," black people would go to the DMV and try to get their license...they would take the test but the people grading it couldn't tell if they were black or the registrar at the DMV would secretly put CODE 2 on their test so the graders would know that they were black and then subsequently fail them.
Hey, get those CODE 2's out of my bar.
by Malec February 23, 2006
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