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This is the state you end up in after downing fifteen pints and a couple of whiskey chasers. Thanks to the definition above I am never drinking fifteen pints again, just in case I am they are linked
after slaughtering the contents of the beer Keg, he was totally pole-axed...
by JiF October 15, 2003
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To own completely and totally. Usually involves violence.

Does not necessarily involve medieval weaponry.
The next person who calls me Con-Con gets poleaxed!
by GawdSauce May 04, 2008
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the skill in violent sexual intercourse, whereby the receiver is in copious amounts of pain - otherwise known as drilling.

Hear that bitch scream.
I fucking poleaxed Kerry last night, she had tears in her eyes and squealed like a pig...then shot up inside her and pinned her against the wall.
by Nickypoos Jemetta May 05, 2005
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just after shooting your load up your partners anus, then quickly term them around and force them to taste there own bournville chocolate.
My girl finally let me take a walk up her bournville alley,but i poleaxed her for makeing me wait.
by Anonymous October 07, 2003
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