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to be hit with extreme force causing loss of balance and in extreme cases injury and/or in some cases death.
Oh, did you see Jimmy? He poleaxed himself when he ran into that wall.
by Mad Snake August 28, 2006
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paraletic, really really really drunk. past steaming, shit-faced. Ur gonna have a major hangover tomorrow!
"what are you doing tonight"
"I'm gonna get pole-axed"
by Miggy November 16, 2004
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Pole Axed

The pole axe was a weapon used in medeival England. It was literally an axe atop a long pole. Originally the term meant to be killed with such a weapon; it later came to mean being violently killed with any such weapon or instrument.
When the running back was hit by the middle linebacker, he went down like he'd been pole axed.
by Dasher8400 March 05, 2007
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the term used for drinking way too much and getting completely FUCKED!
Guy 1:lolz yeah Lachies passed out, looking over the toilet already.. and its fucking 10:30 pm

Guy 2:Hahahaha

Guy 1:yeah hes completely Poleaxed, so we gonna go draw on him!
by Belrial August 07, 2008
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A condition that occurs after drinking your own bodyweight in vodka and ending up going home with a polish guy you never met before
Emma: Jesus! You look terrible! And where the hell were you last night?

Becca: Drank vodka redbulls for almost 10 hours after work yesterday, ended up at my lucky pub and woke up this morning with an Eastern European plumber somewhere in Tottenham...

Emma: Poleaxed?

Becca: Totally...
by beccajw October 20, 2007
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