A term used for a token Asian. One who is incapable of speaking fluent English and uses phrases that can only be identified as "Mang Mang".
At the Milk Bar, Sam asked the Asian who was serving there how much a can of Coke was only to be replied with "Mang Mang Wahh". Repeatedly.
by Steve Molloy July 10, 2006
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The act in which a girl possessing a significant amount of swag (female version a ladies' man), successfully entices a man or men. Note: She does not sleep with all her conquests.
Nancy: "Yo, there was this hot biddy at the party, mangeing it up."

Debbie: "All the bitches were hating."
by Ang the Mange October 04, 2011
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Pubes. Also refers to a guy who acts like a pube.
Wow, stop being such a mange.
by mangeman June 08, 2015
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This is how Tony Montana says MAN, but in a comradery/get outta my face way.
ju tink I a communiss, Mang....uh?

ju tink I wanna live ing some fucking caige, mang....uh?

who da fuck u tink put dis togetta, uh?
ME, dass who, mang !!
by Poster Nutbag May 20, 2003
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(meyng) -noun

Friend; pal; buddy; bro
Yo, what up mang?

Hey mang!
by Dr. Mjolner February 03, 2010
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