A person who finds stuffed/fluffy/cuddly toys sexuality attractive.
"That cuddly pikachu is turning me on baby, I think I'm a plushophile!"
by Jay C January 23, 2004
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When you only wanna bang stuffed animals. I only fuckin it if you stuffin it.
Ava sucked her pink teddy bear’s pussy last night, she definitely has plushophilia!
by pinkiepiee November 14, 2018
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A human sexual condtion that causes people to be sexually attracted to stuffed animals and people in plush suits. These people are not normal...in fact, they're fucked up. It's not cool.
by uberbar August 7, 2004
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weird fuckin people wanna fuck teddy bears
im going to kill everyone with plushophilia
by armored truck January 10, 2020
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