To pack a bowl, usually in reference to marijuana or shisha if the bowl is on top of a hookah. Plus one can be invoked as a rule in a home and continued invocation can often lead to extended periods of marijuana use. Often associated with poonin it.
This house was founded on a promise, and that promise is plus one.


I'm high as shit-- plus one.
by J Dilla May 22, 2008
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When you bang someone of the opposite sex for the first time and add them onto your lifetime list of girls you have "plus oned". You cannot plus 2. If you have sex with two new people in one day or in one encounter it is then labelled as having had two "plus ones".
I took that girl home from the bar last night. I got a plus one. She was a HO. FO SHO.
by Drewe Scott April 14, 2007
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When a guy is being a dick to his friends in front of a girl, the friends can say "plus one" to the guy. This indicates that the guy is being an asshole without letting the girl know what is being said. Plus ones are bad things
At the party, Dick was being such a dick so i "plus oned" the shit out of him.
by Dienda November 3, 2006
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Often seen on a party invite (usually followed by -"there will be a list"), giving instruction that no uninvited people are allowed to attend apart from that one person everyone knows but doesn't really know to come to a party.
he'll be at every party and it will inevitable that he will come.
hey guys come to my party!
no plus ones, there will be a list

but then this fearless youth will arrive uninvited and he will not be asked to leave
by THEIPMAN April 19, 2011
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When a girl/guy keeps you as a side peice because your not good enough to be her/his official relationship.
Dont worry your my plus one.
Side peice
by Poop poop 69 June 24, 2019
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Perhaps the biggest number I could think of when I was, like, six years old.

(True: if you ask a mathematician, it's not really a "number." But when I was, like, six years old, I didn't give a flying fuck.)

(Also true: As soon as I said "infinity plus one," my buddy would cleverly outdo me with infinity plus two.)
You couldn't beat me, because I had my fingers crossed.

Yeah but I had all ten fingers crossed.

Yeah but I had all my fingers and toes crossed.

Yeah but I had infinity fingers crossed.

Yeah but I had infinity plus one fingers crossed. Ha ha ha ha ha!
by vanilla g-lotto January 17, 2005
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The biggest number in existence. Used to settle arguments in a quick and decisive manner, without resorting to violence.
Girlfriend: "Fuck you!"

Boyfriend: "Fuck you times infinity!"

Girlfriend: "Fuck you times infinity plus one!!"

Boyfriend: "Fuck!"
by tbg April 22, 2008
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