Accompanied by a guest.
"Can you put me on the list for the 'Matrix' screening? I'll be plus one."
by Matthew Michaud January 19, 2004
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At public parties and nightclubs, the guest of a person who is on the guest list, and who normally pays a discounted entry fee. Also, the state of having such a person.
"You are on g list plus one. Do not mention this to anyone."

"You can be my plus one."
by Wrench December 16, 2007
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Usually written '+1', used in a forum post to indicate that the post serves no purpose other than to increase the poster's postcount. Usually used after an empty post along the lines of 'I agree'. Often used in a sarcastic manner to indicate the pointlessness of the entire thread.
by Emperor Spleen February 04, 2004
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(noun) - the person who is invited to join an existing coupled unit in sexual activity resulting in a three way or menage a trois. Depending on the genders and desires of the couple, the "plus one" may even become a lucky pierre.
"'allo, are you two a couple? Fancy a plus one?"
"Nice accent. Where are you from?"
"Australia. And I'm only 16!"
"See ya'!"
"But I'd make a great Lucky Pierre!"
by whirled-traveler January 15, 2009
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n., a person who sleeps with (and therefore enjoys many of the social priveledges administered to) an entertainer, especially a Disc Jockey
Where'd he find THAT hott plus one!?!?!
by mwikkid April 03, 2005
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To pack a bowl, usually in reference to marijuana or shisha if the bowl is on top of a hookah. Plus one can be invoked as a rule in a home and continued invocation can often lead to extended periods of marijuana use. Often associated with poonin it.
This house was founded on a promise, and that promise is plus one.


I'm high as shit-- plus one.
by J Dilla May 21, 2008
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