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A wanna-be hacker, but lacks the technical skills and talents required to be a real hacker. Lackers use code or programs created by others (real hackers), convinces himself that he has somehow reached a level of technical ability simply on the fact that he was able to run or compile the code. Yet, he does not have the capacity to create anything original to solve real problems.

Note: In this description, the word Hacker is used in the broadest sense to include all individuals technically capable of solving non-intuitive problems in a seemingly intuitive manner. This includes both white-hats, black-hats and all gray shades in between.

Historical origins: I personally originated the word around September of 2005, after solving a technical problem created by one. I was in my car discussing the situation with an associate and found the need for the word.
Jerry is such a lacker! He thinks he's cool just because he was able to use an open source tool to crack the WEP key for his neighbor's wireless network.
by CHOK June 26, 2006
1. To spend a large amount of money at once.

2. To sit down suddenly.

3. To hit something or someone hard with an object.
1. I can't believe you plunked down that much money for that car!

2. Plunk yourself down right here next to me.

3. The teacher plunked the boy on the head with his backhand before he could lift up the girl's skirt.
by CHOK June 26, 2006
Something vacuous, such as a verbal statement, without any particular meaning or value.

Irrelevant details that may cloud the issue of main concern.
His annoying fluff statements during meetings are a distration and waste of time.
by CHOK June 26, 2006
Typically with the signature air of self-congratulation, Hipster Logic is the seemingly logical but contextually naïve viewpoint often used by young hipsters.
- "Buy now and save money!"
- "Giving is saving."
- "Free phone with 2 year contract."
- "1,000 bonus points!"

Unto themselves, hipsters might use hipster logic is justify an action that seems en vogue, popular, or feel-good.

Onto them, hipster logic is used in marketing to manipulate naïve consumers to feel an artificial sense of accomplishment or urgency.

I first coined this word in November 2013.
Hipster Logic often leads to ironic, if not amusing, situations.

- Occupy Wall Street movement participants using iPhones and Android phones to coordinate efforts via the networks provided by AT&T and Verizon. None of which would be possible without the large-scale investments that would only be possible through massive capital markets and financial trades.
- Driving Toyota Prius cars (where all profits go overseas) to an anti-Wal-Mart rally against low wages and lack of higher paying jobs.
- Enjoying window plants in their urban renovation condo with new hardwood floors and cabinets to reduce their carbon footprint.
- While bicycling, ignoring street lights and stop signs with the belief bicycles don't constitute traffic or cause accidents.
by CHOK December 2, 2013
An individual capable of solving complex non-intuitive problems in a seemingly intuitive manner. The processes and techniques used are not necessarily methodical to the observer, but yet achieve results significantly and consistently faster than known experience would predict. A hacker is not defined in terms of intention or purpose, but rather by the talented single-mindedness of method. A hacker is not a hack.

Hackers are not limited to computer hacking.

Commentary: The movies "Tron" (1982) and "War Games" (1983) significantly influenced the common use of "hacker" (by non-hackers) in reference to computer hackers. The widespread use of the Internet beginning around 1993 made millions of unwitting parents concerned that their adolescent child was turning into a hacker. Some of the twit kids even believed it themselves. Please see reference to "lacker" for a more appropriate name for these individuals.
A hacker typically uses genius or intuitive methodology to solve complex problems.
by CHOK June 26, 2006