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An increasingly popular term derived from the acts to plough and to lunch. The meaning is to engage in a session of sexual intercourse after (or with) lunch. Can also be applied to dinner (plinner) and breakfast (ploughfast).
I invited that cheerleader over and we enjoyed a long plunch.
by Osi Umenyiora April 26, 2009
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To engage in day-drinking to excess.

Combines plastered with lunch, brunch, punch, and punch drunk.
We ordered bottomless mimosas at Lime last Saturday for brunch and got totally plunched.
by John and Jesse October 28, 2007
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Pre-lunch appetizer instead of an entree. To eat an appetizer instead of lunch. Pre-lunch is traditionally served to select patrons due to prior established conflicting engagements that require alternate arrangements which interfere with lunch.
Annabella was double booked for lunch between two important business formal events. She leaves the first engagement shortly after ordering and nibbling on a plethora of plunch food appetizers.
by Go Dummy December 08, 2015
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