Heard first on Gold Coast, Australia. Pluggers are thongs, slip ons, flip flops etc. They are specifically the type of thongs that are a thin sheet of rubber and a "wishbone" shape of rubber protruding from the thin sheet that goes between your toes. This wishbone piece of rubber is held to the thin sheet of rubber by "plugs" that protrude through the thin rubber sheet from top to bottom. You can have single pluggers or double pluggers or maybe more, this number comes from the number of plugs for each wishbone anchoring point on the bottom of the thin sheet.
You better put on your pluggers as the road is very hot.
by Glen Cameron January 06, 2005
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Also known as plugga I guess. A nickname for thongs (the ones that you put on your feet) and seems to be used in Western Australia. They can single- or double-pluggers, single-pluggers being thongs that are reinforced with one set of plugs on the underside of the thongs and double-pluggers being douby reinforced with two plugs
I'm going down to Hay Street Mall today and there's more people wearing single-pluggers than double-pluggers today
by pidgey March 01, 2005
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Plugcityhype Audience .They believe in the digital age . They are the plug to thier fellow being and to the world
Thwy can make something of nothing.
Pluggers were the ones that put the show together
James is the plugger that made my music dreams come true
Why arnt there any inspiration in my school. maybe I should become a plugger
by plugcityhype July 25, 2018
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Forcibly inserting a pill up one's anus with one or two fingers. Preferably at a night club and knuckle deep.
He has been known as the plugger ever since that special moment at the edge.
by Full Time Raver Boy April 22, 2005
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Plugger as in a "dead eye dick" or a good shot. Someone who will rarely miss! Some who is feared!
"I was severely plugged by that Plugger"
"Run away its Plugger!!!"
by TOG|PluggerAUS October 19, 2005
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A man who enjoys ANAL sex with another man on a regular basis
Grab the baseball bats, lets go find some pluggers!!!!
by Assy Megee June 16, 2008
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A gay guy that rams his cock into another guys ass. Also another word for a democrat.
That plugger would fuck a pile of rocks if he thought a fag was in it.


Im not voting for that plugger.
by unabomber July 16, 2003
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