A sexual position in which the girl is seated in front of the guy, with her back to him (preferably at a slightly higher height). Her legs are spread up and out to the side in a "V". With his right hand, he tickles the clit and with his left hand, he plays with the ever-important left boob (which is clearly the better of the boobs). The action thus mimmicks the way in which one would play a cello.
Stosh: I heard RyHakins was playing the cello on Catherine last week.
Zack: Really? Where'd he learn to do that?
Stosh: From Rob Becker I'd imagine.
by Tiger Baseball December 13, 2006
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the act of an individual making-out with a girl who has curves.
alex was in the band room playing a cello for 2 hours.
by tidy February 10, 2005
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1. Licking ass.

2. What one calls the way a cat cleans its ass.

3. Inserting a screwdriver into the rectum.
1. You wanna play the cello before or after the rusty trumpet, slut?

2. Whoa, check out that fat puss cleaning its puckered ass!

3. He wouldn't tell us about the skrilla, so we played his cello yo! He went mad loud on the facts.
by Phyrexian Buttraper February 25, 2003
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When a cat is cleaning its ass with one back leg high in the air and the movement back and fore makes it look like a front paw is bowing a stringed instrument; that is playing the bum-cello.
JESUS CHRIST puss, don't go playing the bum-cello on my pillow!
by Irregular Shed June 27, 2011
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Having sexual intercourse with a female, in the doggy style position while rubbing her clitoris and rubbing her breasts.
Can be achieved via vaginal or anal intercourse.
To play her like a cello may be achieved by: A man is sitting down and a girl sits down on a man's penis while the man rubs her clitoris and rubs her breasts.
by illenobrac April 25, 2008
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