by M O N A N D O B O Y Z June 18, 2017
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A being or a Stand that copies other's abilities. It can copy any Stand's abilities as long as the phrase "so it's the same type of Stand as Star Platinum" is used.
"My Stand Superfly is a metal pylon."

"So, it's the same type of Stand as Star Platinum" and your Stand becomes a pylon, with the same abilities.
by Joseph Brostar November 27, 2019
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It's a Japanese pun.

Popularized by the character Tskihi from the anime Monogatari,
Tsukihi changed puchi mukatsuku (slightly mad) to purachina mukatsuku (platinum mad) because it sounded cooler.
by MashedUpPixels May 4, 2016
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That and a platinum card, is a modernization of the saying, that and a dime will get you a cup of coffee. The meaning is something is without any particular, practical value.
Hmmmmm, a degree from that Internet college; well that and a platinum card, will get you a cup of latte!
by I, Wreckerrr October 15, 2016
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The stand of Jotaro Kujo from Jojo's Bizarre Adventures. Always angry like his user. Can stop bullets and shoot them from its fingers and can also bring manga and drinks for Jotaro when he's in prison. Can stop time and beat up people while shouting ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA.....
Jotaro: The one who'll judge is my stand ! STAR PLATINUM !
Kakyoin: Nante Powa No Stand-o Da !? ( what a powerful stand )
by BinaryGandalf June 3, 2019
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Light Platinum is a stand it's abilities are Stopping Time (the only way to move in it is to be stronger than the user) (Can Stop Time for infinite seconds and can choose when to resume time) Reality Overwrite ( has the ability to rewrite reality the difference with his reality overwrite and others is you don't need to touch an object to reality rewrite.) Return To Zero (has the power to cancel time stops entirely and Time Erasures it can return anything to zero even someone's death.) Love Train (similar to Funny Valentines ability it can reflect attacks) Time Acceleration (It has the power to accelerate time or just accelerate the users own speed it's similar to MIH TA but he can make certain things accelerate time he has more control over it) Time Erase and Epitaph ( he has both abilities the only difference is he doesn't have the third eye on his stand) Due to its immense abilites and powers the user has the power to suppress their stand ability power and speed | Power Speed and Range the farthest range this stand can go is anywhere it can be controlled from even another continent it's speed is faster than tons of stands it far surpasses Star Platinum and The World's power by over x9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 when suppressed heavily by under even 0.0000001%| Appearances: Haise & grim’s Bizarre Adventures
Jamelo: Is that Haise and his stand Light Platinum?
Jayden: It seems like it is let's face them
by GodOf_ICE February 19, 2022
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User: Jotaro Kujo
Type: Close-Range, Fighter
Stand Ability: The World (Time Stop)
Power: A
Speed: A
Range: C
Persistence: A
Precision: A
Potential: A

-Star Platinum is a close-range, combat style stand that possesses incredible strength & speed. While Star does not have a fast movement speed, its reflexive speed is so faster than sound. Star also has microscopic vision, and a perfect photographic memory. It is also able to increase the length of its index & middle finger at a speed fast enough to feel like being shot with a BB gun at point blank range. Being hit by this attack can paralyze, if you are hit in a pressure point. Star platinum is also one of the only self-aware stands, meaning it can act on its own to defend its user. It is also capable of blowing hurricane force winds out its mouth. Star can only go about 2m(6.6ft) from its user. Star Platinum's stand ability is being able to stop time for a few seconds, although in theory Star is capable of being able to stop time for as long as it likes. After using its stand ability Star cannot use it again for a few seconds.
Human A: What's the name of the stand Jotaro has?
Human B: It's Star Platinum
by Mr. Frogman October 16, 2019
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