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User: Jotaro Kujo
Type: Close-Range, Fighter
Stand Ability: The World (Time Stop)
Power: A
Speed: A
Range: C
Persistence: A
Precision: A
Potential: A

-Star Platinum is a close-range, combat style stand that possesses incredible strength & speed. While Star does not have a fast movement speed, its reflexive speed is so faster than sound. Star also has microscopic vision, and a perfect photographic memory. It is also able to increase the length of its index & middle finger at a speed fast enough to feel like being shot with a BB gun at point blank range. Being hit by this attack can paralyze, if you are hit in a pressure point. Star platinum is also one of the only self-aware stands, meaning it can act on its own to defend its user. It is also capable of blowing hurricane force winds out its mouth. Star can only go about 2m(6.6ft) from its user. Star Platinum's stand ability is being able to stop time for a few seconds, although in theory Star is capable of being able to stop time for as long as it likes. After using its stand ability Star cannot use it again for a few seconds.
Human A: What's the name of the stand Jotaro has?
Human B: It's Star Platinum
by Mr. Frogman October 15, 2019
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Pretty much just a dude that is so retarded and is such an asshole that every time they mutter a single word all you want to do is beat the living shit out of them
Human A: Dude I can't stand the Tobias kid.
Human B: I know. He is such a Cock Bang
by Mr. Frogman September 26, 2019
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Not a fucking name. Its a piece of paper with words in a book you fucking creton. Don't name your kid page. Its not a name, just a misspelling of a paper in a book you liptard.
Human A: Hi. Whats your name?
Human B: Oh hi. Its Paige.
Human A: In Intellectual That's not a fuckin name.
by Mr. Frogman October 15, 2019
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Human A: Jean is such a faggot
Human B: Actually, he is a faguette
by Mr. Frogman September 27, 2019
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The art of masturbation while unlocking your inner Chi, and reaching a level of Zen equivalent to that of Mr. Miyagi
Human A: Dude, I feel so Zen right now. Ima go Whack on, Whack off
Human B: You mean Wax on, Wax off...… Right?
Human A: No dude, I mean Whack on, Whack off
by Mr. Frogman September 28, 2019
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