A short phrase, verse, inscription upon a tombstone referring to the one who lies beneath it.
I want her Epitaph to say:

In memory of Jain Doe, a loving daughter, wife, and mother. Born in 1907 laid to rest in 1963.
by NotKnownToYou April 3, 2009
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A god-tier song by the god-tier prog rock band King Crimson.
by Old Mate September 1, 2013
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A Butt, An ass, a Buttocks, either of the two fleshy protuberances forming the lower and back part of the trunk,
a Bum, a booty
Girl shake that epitaph!
Wow, that girl's got an big epitaph!
by Pey Wei September 22, 2010
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Coolest person in the world, is super-great, and is super-awesome. See also; Big-Dicked star.
by agih4eo December 7, 2003
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The most god-forsaken map in halo 3.
The map most vetoed in Halo 3.
O great, Epitaph, everyone veto.

I was playing on Epitaph earlier and I couldnt manage to get a single kill, the thing that was weird was that no one else did either.

Epitaph? Isn't that the map thats BETTER then Isolation? Yup.
by xOxCx April 2, 2008
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The unspoken words invisibly inscribed on the tombstones of famous or notorious political leaders, whose earthly decisions and actions (or inactions) have positively or negatively impacted millions of people when they were the head of state (or even after they had relinquished power).
A leaked document entitled “Politicians’ Epitaphs” from the secret department of a NATO member state has the following printed:

Here lies Vladimir V. Putin with promises of peace—waiting to be canonized by the Orthodox Church.

Here lies Donald J. Trump with no more lies—hoping to be a future Dalai Lama or Pope.

Here lies Kim Jong-un, on transit to join his dad and grandad—in Hades.

Here lies Robert G. Mugabe on reclaimed white land—still in purgatory.

Here lies Harry Lee Kuan Yew—as long as the whites rule the “fine” city.
by Covido April 23, 2022
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