...but when he knows I have my monthlies and I start to get cranky and bitchy with him...
by the curse January 6, 2006
It’s simplest when a girl is on her period
Boyfriend: why are you all mad all of a sudden

Girlfriend: because I’m on my monthly
by #add me on sc Lizzy.lean March 16, 2018
An excuse KSI uses against people who call his music shit
Guy: Ur music is shit
Ksi: Lets see ur monthly listeners then
by ChinkyCurry August 3, 2020
An individual's fixed monthly expenses, such as rent, utilities, cell phone, Internet access, car payments, car insurance, etc. These are the bills you have to pay regardless of what you do in a particular month. Can also be used more generally to describe one's monthly expenses, regardless of whether they are fixed or variable.
If I'm going to make a living as a jazz trombonist I have to keep my monthly nut small.
by monkey1235 May 28, 2013
A term used to describe Welfare and Social security checks that arrive monthly. Notably used by Christian Weston Chandler.
I've got to wait until the 3rd before my monthly tugboat comes in so I can buy me a bunch of Oreos and weed. I sure love not working.
by PotSton December 6, 2010
Period, menstruation, that time-of-the-month, having the painters in, call it what you will it still sucks.

Go swimming!!! Boy, you crazy, I've got my monthly gift at the moment..
by a,men April 1, 2009
an editing grp usually has a prompt/theme/character that the members will edit every month

these are then usually posted under the grp's monthly tag e.g #dragongrpmonthly
"if you consider joining our grp, remember edit monthlies are required!!"
by gheegle August 30, 2020