(n.) any unusually difficult workout for a sport; often the coach's only means of palliation to his or her team is to provide pizza afterward.
Coach- "Get some good sleep tonight, boys. You'll need it for tomorrow."
Guy 1- "Oh shit, looks like Coach is planning a pizza party for us."
Guy 2- "Fuck a duck man, I can't run any more laps!"
by Da Sperminator January 23, 2011
When a business tries to make themselves good by doing something that costs them nothing, but helps nobody either.
Management listened to the workers complaints about being overworked and underpaid and threw them a pizza party.
by Y2k June 2, 2022
A party characterized by pizza, family grade fun, off beat decorations, and video games (particularly anime themed)
it is the Lamest fucking party you can have.
Ethan: "Yo man i bet that dude is throwing a pizza party for his birthday."
by krowkiley December 21, 2014
When a company, business, corporation, or individual gives you a reward for your work by giving you cheap garbage. Rather than increasing your pay, give you a raise, or a bonus. After all why pay the team a $100 bonus for making the company a lot of money when they can spend $20 on Little Caesar's and keep the rest of the cash for themselves. No doubt you've worked for someone who has done this at least once.
Person 1: Doritos paid some kid $20,000 for a funny looking chip for good PR.

Person 2: Dang, instead of giving striking workers what they want they just pizza partied the entire corporation. If they are willing to pay 20k for good PR I wonder how much they're keeping from their employees?
by SeraChimera August 21, 2021
An orgy where everyone eats pizza of each other.
"We are hungry and horny at the same time so let's have a pizza party!"
by Superawesome91 April 7, 2016
When you feel the urge have a pizz party in otherwords...FUCK!
Joe: Maybe later we can have ourselves a little pizza party?
Jill: um, no...
Joe: Why not?
Jill: Because last time we ate pizza, I got herpes!
by Captain Bizznatch July 27, 2003
You go to the store and buy a large supply of totinos Party Pizzas frozen pizzas and invite all of your friends over. You then invite one attractive female to come join the party. When she arrives make sure the pizzas are already cooked. Lay the female down ontop of a table naked and cover her with the freshly cooked totinos. You and you buddies then eat all of the totinos slowly revelaing the naked female below. Once everyone finishes the pizza you and your friends then all join into one giant bang fest with the female who is now covered in the remnants of the fresh totinos party pizzas
"Hey are you going to be at the pizza party tonight?"

"I bet she knows how to have a good pizza party."
by gradyodale June 8, 2009