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Underarm deodouriser of any type (aerosol, roll-on, stick, wipes).
Jason smelled like the proverbial rose today because he doubled up on pit shit this morning.
by Telephony August 06, 2015
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when as a pit band,or a pit band director (for a musical production of some kinda) you experience an "oh shit!" moment, induced by the realization that you only hav a few weeks left to have professional songs for the howl preformance preformable.
director: and all these songs from act I need to be preformable by thursday

band: oh pitshit!


Director: ok, now i hope you all prcticed your music over the break because we are starting act have all songs preformable by next week

----after a playing runthru----

director: oh pitshit!
by lolzizer February 23, 2009
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When you put on too much deodorant and clumps of it get stuck in your pit hair.
Oh sorry, I just pulled out some pit shits.
by Meme different December 23, 2017
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