A pre-adolecent penis.
Brendan has a pishy, so, he has no chance at getting any poon from chicks.
by JoePaaaaaaaaaa June 10, 2005
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To become extremely emotional or passionate about something.
Shawty got pishy when her boy toy boarded the plane back to the Big Apple.

"Don't get all pishy, boo. I'll be back in April."
by Geoffreyy February 22, 2012
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Female working class trash, native of Belfast. While usually dormant in daylight hours, pishies can be spotted wearing pyjama's, slippers, pushing a pram with a lit cigarette (feg) in mouth on way to local spar/centra to buy more 'fegs' and the wean(Caprice or Jordan) a tin of baked beans with sausages for lunch. Orange faces, giant hoop earings and high ponytails are also pishy essentials. Nocturnal activities generally evolve around alcohol (Blue WKD is the pishies choice) and getting pumped by the male of the species the spide.

See also milly, millbag.
That pishy has more gold chains than BA Baracus.
by Conor C November 07, 2005
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(noun) A person having a likeness to a fish when glaring or when reaching climax.
(adjective) Usually used to describe the squinting of eyes or the puckering of the lips.
When Aaron glared at Melissa she demanded "No more Pishy faces!"
by Arnon December 14, 2005
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A dyke word for a straight girl
forget about her she's a pishy
by lex dex April 18, 2003
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piss, urine, pee pee (yiddish)
I need to make pishy ( I need to pee). I laughed so hard I pished (pissed) my pants...
by EJPeeker March 13, 2018
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