declaring one's opinions or thoughts absurd, irrelevant or redundant.

blowing off someone's statement.

"let's get together! it's only been 3 years sarcastic!"

"oh, pish posh! i saw you last week!"
by mareycherry November 17, 2005
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another way for saying bullshit, or complately incorrect
bob: "Yo that girl over there is hella cute."
billy: "WTF!!...That's pish posh, she is hella ugly."
by sashelle jenkins June 29, 2006
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Joseph: So, you're going to cook me dinner, right?
Adrienne: Pish posh!
by Adrienne Estelle May 24, 2005
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Literally translated destained fashion. Other translations: bad fashion (dress or behavior), bad taste. Used when you dont like were the person is going with their thoughts, and/or how the person is dressed.
Example 1:
Person A: They say there is a ghost that lives on this house.
Person B: Pish posh, your just trying to scare me.

Example 2:
Person A: Damn, you have a pish posh of clothes.
Person B: Your clothes are all sorts of pish posh.
by Hey-La August 8, 2006
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disdainfully smart.
(according to the exact definition, pish means expressing disdain while posh mean smart. so when someone says something intellectual, say "pish posh!" just to dis them back. )
sophia: chintu, u smell!!
chintu: pish posh!
by sophia June 26, 2003
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When someone compliments you, and you're the shy type who just dismisses things like that, you can blush, look at your shoes and say this.
"My, Adrienne, you have beautiful eyes!"

"*Blushes* Ohhh, pish posh..."
by perfectandslow October 7, 2003
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