Refers to tea etiquette where the pinky finger is extended while drinking. The phrase is used sarcastically calling someone less than classy.
G: She wore a short skirt and tank top to the dinner party.
M: Wow, pinky up.
by MadisonAnne August 11, 2006
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A raised pinky finger while drinking to exhibit class.
by Ohmirr December 10, 2016
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From Tea Etiquette: where the pinky finger is extended while drinking.

When you are about to do some thing classy, expensive, or are exaggerating the value of something.
man one: hey man, I'm going to the Sky Bar tonight!
man two: oooh The Sky Bar, "pinky up", playboy!
by Dexim 67 August 25, 2011
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to act snooty,to put on aires, to pretend to be high class, exaggerating one's own importance.
Did you see how Sara acted all pinky-up on us today?
by Jennifer Miller November 14, 2006
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In a secret realationship or low key “talking” with someone.
(Commonly seen in pictures) (new emoji to come 🤞🏼) caption: pinkies up
by happygirlhailey January 14, 2019
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means that you think mingus is gay
b: look he has 2 pinkys up, he thinks mingus is gay
by toppenaftoppen April 13, 2023
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means your an absolute pussy magnet and a stud.
Whitty and Elis are putting there pinkie finger up theire definatly studs that pull
by e-man and w-man June 6, 2022
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