when a girl has a period, she, or someone else, squeezes her body to speed up the process

AKA: squeeze the berry
"Danielle has a date this weekend, but she has her period."

"What's she going to do?"

"I think she's going to squeeze the juice."

"Is that safe?"
by me and she January 9, 2006
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An backward analogy used to ask if something is worth doing or not. Typically the question is asked if the juice is worth the squeeze, but occasionally someone will ask the question backwards i.e. is the squeeze worth the juice?
When discussing a new project, our manager asked "is the squeeze worth the juice?"
by Funnybanker May 12, 2021
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When you twist your penis so damn hard that you start peeing, an actual method is used in the toilet for a lot of sexual pissing. Used as a very pleasurable way to piss in the toilet. It also happens when someone gives you the vaccum seal double hand twist gawk gawk combo 3000.
"Guys, I heard that Micheal was having trouble taking a piss in the bathroom. He had turned to Squeezing Orange Juice instead. So weird."
by nasty nsfw December 30, 2022
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