19 definitions by JAZ

used to describe the 'tightness' of something.
tight...like yo pussy ISN'T!
by JAZ May 30, 2003
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A term used to describe a female that is very promiscuous.
I really liked Ginger but she turned out to be a real tool box.
by JAZ October 20, 2004
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The act of performing anal cunnilingus while reaching up above the testicles to manually administer quick up and down motions to the penile shaft; resulting in a violent yet pleasant explosion. It is then customary for the female to then give a quick blow into the anus for good luck, the lips blowing into the anus sounds very similar to a trombones sweet melody. This was introduced to the Americas in the late 50's.
While receiving a rusty trombone I lost control of my bowels.
by JAZ October 14, 2004
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man i smoked so much susie last night that i forgot my own name
by JAZ February 25, 2005
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When a woman is wet washing your cock with warm saliva and then blows on your saliva slathered member, giving you a refreshing cool feeling.
She cold lamped me right after deep throating me.
by JAZ October 28, 2004
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An airhear, that when placed in water, they float.
Ashley is a booyie, She thinks 2 + 2 = 10, that is why when we went scuba diving, she couldn't go beneath the water.
by JAZ February 22, 2004
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