the acronym pimp standing for "Put It In My Pocket". Later used to define a person who sells women for sexual favors. Most recently used to commend objects or people.
1. "If you really need to get laid just go see the local pimp."

2. "Look at that car it is pimp."
by George January 06, 2005
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Pimp- The act of a a beautiful sales lady finding work for a service manager. Usually he acts like a pimp but it usually fails horribly. The pimp in this case is also known as BAMF.
Did you get me any work?
Pimp: Yes mo fo now get a truck out there.
by ama0292 September 19, 2013
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one who sells women, has no repect for women, beats women, selfcentered, ignorant, cocksucking basterd. any one who has seen a starving homeless hooker thats addicted to drugs will know what im talking about.
"im starving and want to find a real jod but my pimp wont let me. he will just beat me and force me to do drugs and have sex for his benifet"
by hac ram March 11, 2005
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I don't mean anything racist by this, but most "pimps" are in fact black. What strikes me as the strangest thing is that black people are so against slavery (since they were enslaved themselves prior to 140 years ago) and the ownership of human beings thereof, yet they so strongly believe in the ownership of "hoes" or "bitches." Basically a "pimp" is an extreme jackass and ignorant hypocrite.
1. OMFG i am such a motherfucking PIMP, bro! i am a complete arrogant and idiotic asshole who thinks owning human beings us supposedly wrong, yet i believe in owning women! ohh, i am so cool, man. WORD.
by REBECCCCAAAA October 13, 2005
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