That certain, j'ne se quoi that attracts the attention of the opposite or same (not that there's anything wrong with that) sex.
When I whip out the pimp juice, the honies come runnin'.
by The Fun One March 28, 2003
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it is simply the juice (spunk, sperm, cum) which comes out of a pimps cock, not pimp meaning someone who sells girls but pimp as in someone who dresses well, has money, goes vip and fucks a lot
i got the pimpjuice laydees
by lolly November 23, 2004
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What comes out of a girls vajina when u maker her wet.
Vaginal fluids
Stuff gay guys cant get
stuff you nerds cant get
When I made her orgasm, she shot ehr pimp juices all over my face.
by KAK 420 December 05, 2004
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Anything that a person got that make otha people want them(money,looks,cars,money,body,etc.)
"He was checkin me 4 my pimp juice"
by MURKASLOB63 October 21, 2003
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when i just got done bangin my girl and shes layin there and says "Oh my God, I can't even move " , Thats cause you've just been served the Pimp Juice - Deal with it. Ahaa
by T-BONE April 22, 2003
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